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RFPSOLUTIONS’ Collection of Public Sector Poster Art

Posters have long been an integral component of Public Sector communications efforts. During the past two (2) centuries, literally thousands of different posters have been used to shape Canadian public opinion on national events, war efforts, social policy and a whole host of public sector programs.

Even today, Public Sector posters continue to play a role in winning the hearts and minds of Canadians, through the use of colourful imagery and themes that can instantly communicate highly complex and emotional messages.

As advisors to (and students of) the Public Sector, the staff of RFPSOLUTIONS INC. have always had a keen interest in this medium, in particular its artistic qualities. RFPSOLUTIONS has a large and growing collection of Public Sector posters on display within its offices in Ottawa, a selection of which have been made available on our website.

We hope that you enjoy them as much as we do.

Click here to view our collection of Historic Canadian War Posters

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