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RFPSOLUTIONS INC. is a proud sponsor of the CIPMM Breakfast Sessions

RFPS sponsored the Canadian Institute for Procurement and Materiel Management (CIPMM) Breakfast session on Wednesday, January 6, 2016 presented by 

Shared Services Canada (SSC) at the James Michael Flaherty Building, 90 Elgin St., Room 2005


Cost: The Session was Free! Over 46 participants attended with another 20 online!


Changes to Shared Services Canada (SSC)’s Mandate & Authorities

The recent Order In Council reaffirms SSC's mandate for the provision of services related to email, data centers and networks for its original 43 partner departments and adds small departments and agencies who will leverage SSC's procurement instruments which include enterprise-wide agreements and contracts.

The Session explained how SSC is working to enhance and evolve procurement tools being transferred from PWGSC.

The speakers will explained how the procurement instruments used by SSC can help your department leverage government-wide buying power and assure appropriate standards of supply chain integrity. We also learned how SSC plans to engage with partners, clients and stakeholders during this transition. 


  • Mary McKay, Senior Director, Policy, Governance, Engagement and Training, Procurement and Vendor Relations, SSC 
  • Jason Weatherbie, Senior Director, Networks, End Users and Cyber Security, Procurement and Vendor Relations, SSC


Session Location:

James Michael Flaherty Building, 90 Elgin St., Room 2005

** Please note:  

Teleconferencing was be available for this Breakfast Session. Special thanks to SSC for hosting this event.  Visit RFPS' Facebook page for photos!

Parking: No on-site parking is available. Please plan to arrive earlier to park across the street at the City Hall public lot or use on street parking and public lots in surrounding neighbourhoods.

Time: 7:45 am - 10:00 am

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