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RFPSOLUTIONS INC. (RFPS) provides Canadian public sector organizations with trusted Request-for-Proposal (RFP) development services, expert systems, and procurement consulting and training.

RFPS has worked exclusively for public sector organizations for over 20 years, and is an employee-owned firm based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

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ce1_weloveprocureRFPSOLUTIONS has provided Canadian public sector organizations with trusted Request-for-Proposal (RFP) development services, expert systems, and procurement consulting and training for over 23 years!

Yes, we love procurement…it’s all we do!

Find out more about the firm, who we are, and why we are so deeply in love with procurement.

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RFPLibrary ® is a procurement reference tool that public sector employees with a procurement requirement will be able to search, and find out if we have developed RFPs for similar requirements in the past.

You can now Browse RFP Library to scroll through the hundreds of procurement solicitations and consulting projects we have completed. You name it, we've supported it.



The C5Expert ® QuickSearch Map tool provides a quick and easy method to assess whether the locations of work or delivery for an anticipated contract requirement fall within one (1) or more Comprehensive Land Claims Agreement (CLCA) areas.

This process supports the early identification of whether contracting obligations arising from CLCAs may apply to the anticipated procurement activity. Therefore the C5Expert ® QuickSearch Map is best utilized early in the planning process.

Once you've determined your requirement is in a land claim, the C5Expert ® system can assist you in determining your contracting obligations and how to implement them as a part of a compliant procurement strategy.


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Our recently updated RFP Dashboard presents an overview of the procurement projects we have supported over the last 20+ years, broken down by dollar value, commodity, service type, and clients from across the nation.

To date we have supported 1030 requirements from over 17 commodity's, representing over $13 Billion in procurement value, for 118 public sector organizations across the country.

See Dashboard Legend for descriptions of the various solicitation documents and mechanisms.