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RFPExpress ® is procurement pain relief for public sector managers.

RFPExpress ® is RFPSOLUTIONS RFP Development Division.

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RFPExpress ® is the fast-track solution for public sector managers to develop customized and compliant RFx documents (SO, SA, RFQ, RFT, EOI, etc.) (“RFP”).

RFPExpress ® is designed to help public sector managers quickly and accurately define their requirements, while at the same time significantly reduce contracting risks to their organization.

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The RFPExpress ® service responds to the following needs of public sector managers:

The need to mitigate contracting risks - RFPSOLUTIONS has successfully developed hundreds of RFPs for dozens of public sector organizations, with a combined value in the $Billions - not one of these RFPs has ever been successfully challenged in Court or at the Canadian International Trade Tribunal (CITT);

rfp_express_train_imageThe need for expertise - knowledgeable staff backed up by our Expert Systems and comprehensive methodology;

The need for compliance - our methodology strictly conforms to public sector procurement policies and directives - many of which were developed by our  Senior Advisors during their careers in the public sector. Compliance with policy is non-negotiable at RFPSOLUTIONS;

The need for SPEED - compliant and customized RFPs (RFx's) completed in days/weeks, not months;

The need for customization  - RFP Statement of Work / Statement of Requirements, Evaluation Criteria and Basis of Payment are customized to meet the specific requirements of your RFP, while conforming to well established best practices and standards;

A service that is easy to contract for - RFPSOLUTIONS has numerous standing offers and supply arrangements across the public sector - we are a pre-qualified public sector service provider (see Contracting With Us for more information);

No Surprises - clear estimates, guaranteed delivery dates, compliant formats and approved content; and

Guaranteed Results - we deliver what we promised, when we promised it - it’s that simple.



Public sector managers shouldn’t struggle for months to write a complex RFP, or be forced to contract with an unknown outside consultant to write it for them - a practice that often causes more problems than it solves.


Managers need a fast, proven and compliant solution delivered by a team of specialists that works exclusively for public sector clients, and that is trusted throughout the Canadian public sector to deliver guaranteed results, every time.

Please feel free to review the RFPExpress ® Deliverables and discover the procurement pain relief RFPSOLUTIONS has to offer.

For more information on RFPExpress ®, please feel free to send us an e-mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and we'll send you a complete RFPExpress ® pamphlet.