C5 Expert ® Read More

C5Expert ® Read More

C5Expert ® is an expert system designed to help public sector organizations and Aboriginal Nations determine their organization’s compliance obligations when issuing contracts that may involve delivery locations within one or more Comprehensive Land Claims Agreement (CLCA) settlement areas.

There are two options for access to the C5Expert ® System and each is designed to be used during a different stage of the procurement process:

C5Expert ® QuickSearch Map

This method of access is designed to provide a quick and easy means to assess whether the locations of work or delivery for an anticipated contract requirement fall within one (1) or more Comprehensive Land Claims Agreement (CLCA) areas.

This supports the early identification of any contracting obligations arising from each CLCA found to apply to the anticipated activity.

Therefore the C5Expert ® QuickSearch Map is best utilized early in the planning process.

C5Expert ® web-based interview and Checklist Output document

The C5Expert ® system asks a series of questions in a web-based interview format about a future contracting requirement and uses internal programming to provide an output document that links the procurement activities with the obligations of the identified CLCAs.

Therefore this process is better suited to being employed when many / most of the details of the planned contracting requirement have been established, since this will support the inclusion of the most applicable information possible being included within the resulting output C5Expert ® Checklist document.

How to make best use of the C5Expert ® web-based questionnaire

In completing the C5Expert ® System questionnaire via the web interview, the questions should be answered in sequence for each planned expenditure requirement.

The examples cited below are provided as guidelines. Users should employ them to determine how to best complete the questionnaire. As there will always be exceptions, the Quality Assurance process that follows its conclusion will evaluate and intercede if an alternate approach is warranted.

One (1) C5Expert ® System should be completed and as a result, one (1) Compliance Checklist document will be generated for the following “planned expenditure requirement” circumstances;

a) a single acquisition, such as
– a software purchase or
– the completion of a study or
– the demolition of a mill building, or

b) many Contractors providing the same scope, such as
– a Supply Arrangement with multiple suppliers to acquire boots on an as-required basis or
– a Standing Offer Agreement with multiple suppliers for services/supplies on an on-going basis, or

c) one Contractor providing multiple distinct scopes (bundled planned expenditure requirement), as in
– a single Contract for the completion of a site assessment and a design-build project
– a single Contract for plan development and delivery of goods

It is recommended that separate C5Expert ® System sessions should be completed and separate Compliance Checklist documents generated for each planned expenditure where:

a) multiple project/program requirements will be sourced via more than one (1) Method of Supply such as

– a single solicitation which seeks to establish both a Standing Offer component and a Supply Arrangement component; or

 b) multiple Contractors will fulfill multiple distinct requirements ( requirements are ‘unbundled’ for operational reasons), such as 

– a requirement for Service 1 (design) and Service 2 (build); to be delivered separately to the department/agency


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