RFP Fairness ™

RFP Fairness ™

fairness_monitorRFPSOLUTIONS (RFPS) provides a range of services aimed at helping public sector Bid Evaluation Committees to maintain the fairness, openess, and transparency, associated with the evaluation of proposals on a specific RFP, reduce the risks, and document the results of a bid evaluation exercise.

Our approach is tailored to our client’s requirements and jurisdictional definition of the roles and responsibilities of the Fairness Monitor (also referred to as Fairness Advisor and/or Fairness Commissioner) required to support their evaluation.

Fairness Monitors are required for high risk and/or high dollar value procurements where the circumstances warrant an additional level of transparency and prudence by the purchasing entity.

In providing Fairness Monitoring and related Services, RFPS’ personnel operate as independent Fairness professionals, committed to maintaining and attesting to the neutrality, integrity, consistency, objectivity, transparency, and legitimacy of the procurement process.

As directed by the Project Authority, our team shall serve as a Fairness Monitor* OR as a Facilitator, and optional Process Reporter, providing bid evaluation support services including (but not limited to) the following:

  • Reviewing the solicitation documents and Selection and Evaluation criteria in advance of the Evaluation Committee meeting;
  • *Providing Fairness Monitor and advisory services to the Bid Evaluation Committee in support of their review of proposals received in response to the solicitation;
  • Providing orientation to the Evaluation Committee as required during the evaluation process;
  • Working with the Contracting Authority to oversee appropriate communications with suppliers and ensuring completeness / accuracy of the evaluation file;
  • Forwarding all evaluation documentation to the respective Contracting Authority;
  • Supporting the Client in providing debriefings with unsuccessful Bidders (if required);
  • *Preparing and submitting a FM Report describing the evaluation process that was followed, the extent of involvement as an Independent third party in the evaluation process, and provide an opinion indicating the adherence to the Selection and Evaluation Criteria ad process outlined in the solicitation documents, as well as applicable public sector legislation, directives and policies.


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