Setaside Solutions Aboriginal Joint-Venture

Our Joint-Venture

A Joint Venture is a commercial enterprise undertaken jointly by two or more parties that otherwise retain their distinct identities. RFPSOLUTIONS’ and SETASIDE SOLUTIONS‘ have entered into a Joint Venture in order to more adequately respond Indigenous and Northern procurement needs in the public sector.

SETASIDE SOLUTIONS is a Canadian Aboriginal Company specializing in providing Procurement -related Advisory and Consulting services to Canadian Public Sector clients.

The SETASIDE SOLUTIONS team consists of Request-for-Proposal (RFP) and public sector contracting and materiel management specialists.  The breadth and depth of our experience and professional development assists SETASIDE SOLUTIONS in supporting our clients in the development, implementation and monitoring of procurement best practices and standards.  As a result of our firm’s experience, we have developed an extensive network with leaders in the field of procurement, enabling us to consult with subject matter experts to provide timely and responsive advice and guidance to our public sector clients.

SETASIDE SOLUTIONS is pleased to offer our clients the following services:

  • Procurement strategy, RFP Development and Evaluation support services;
  • Developing Contract Administration guidebooks for managers;
  • Contract Management advisory services and/or training;
  • Evaluations of contract and/or contractor performance and/or deliverables;
  • Compliance checking with authorities and policies;
  • Conducting research, interviews and analysis in support of Departmental / Interdepartmental / Inter-governmental initiatives;
  • Conducting research, interviews and analysis to determine market / public sector trends, best practices and standards;
  • Participating as a member of working groups of interest to the department/agency;
  • Drafting reports and strategies in support of departmental initiatives; and
  • Providing advice and guidanceto departments / agencies regarding procurement and materiel management to departments/agencies, in support of new and ongoing initiatives.


SETASIDE SOLUTIONS is an Aboriginal Firm.  Mr. Peter J. Elias, the Director of SETASIDE SOLUTIONS, is a Member of the Woodland Métis Tribe. Mr. Elias is an experienced Procurement Professional, a former President of the Canadian Institute for Procurement and Materiel Management (CIPMM) and has in the past worked for the Treasury Board Secretariat and for Public Works and Government Services Canada.  Mr. Elias holds an Executive P.Log. designation from the Logistics Institute.

In addition, SETASIDE SOLUTIONS also has majority ownership and control of the SETASIDE SOLUTIONS Aboriginal Joint-Venture between SETASIDE SOLUTIONS and RFPSOLUTIONS INC., in accordance with the requirements of the GoC’s Procurement Strategy for Aboriginal Business (PSAB).  The PSAB was developed to increase the number of Aboriginal firms competing for and winning federal contracts and includes measures to better inform Aboriginal businesses about public sector procurement needs and to better inform public sector procurement officers about the capacity of Aboriginal businesses.  SETASIDE SOLUTIONS and the SETASIDE SOLUTIONS Aboriginal Joint-Venture abide by the provisions of the PSAB in the execution of any work performed.

For more information visit, and see their Corporate Pamphlet.

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