RFP Advisor ®

RFP Advisor ®

RFPAdvisor ® is RFPSOLUTIONS RFP Procurement Consulting & Training Division. 

Canadian public sector procurement has become an increasingly complex field for public sector managers, characterized by:

  • A complex web of legislation, regulation, policy and rules;
  • A heightened sense of risk awareness and aversion;
  • Negative media perceptions, commissions of inquiry and critical audits; and
  • Growing supplier distrust, frequent bid challenges and litigation.

To support public sector managers in navigating this field, RFPSOLUTIONS INC.‘s team of Senior RFPAdvisors  provides the following advisory services:

  • Procurement Service Standards
  • Procurement Policy Analysis
  • Procurement Planning
  • Procurement Review
  • Bidder Questions & Answers
  • Bid Evaluation Orientation
  • Proposal Pre-Screening
  • Contract Management Orientation
  • Contract Management Guidebook
  • Contract Negotiations Support
  • Contract Development Support
  • Procurement Training Courses

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