Our Team

Our Team


Cathryn Kallwitz

Managing Director

Chrissanthi Pahinis

Director, Administration

Rebecca Toman

Senior Procurement and Fairness Advisor

Angelica Montegrico

Office Administrator

Camila Mora Vergara

Procurement Research Analyst


Bob Myers

Senior RFPAdvisor, Business Development

Joe Marotta

Senior RFPAdvisor, Procurement and Business Development OPS / BPS

With Sincerest Appreciation: Steve Johnston

Managing Director, September, 2010 - September, 2022

It is with our deepest thanks and sincerest appreciation that the RFP Solutions Team congratulates Steve on his retirement from the position of Managing Director.

We are grateful for Steve’s leadership and vision over the last 12 years, where he brought to bear his integrity and a wealth of experience, along with a welcome dose of humour. As Steve always says, “we take our work seriously, but don’t take ourselves too seriously.”

We wish you well Steve as you embark on this exciting new chapter of retirement, managed in part by grandkids and Buddy the dog!

David Swift

David Swift

In Memorium of Our Founder (1966 - 2010)

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