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RFPSOLUTIONS (RFPS) provides a series of 1/2-day and/or 1-day Procurement Training courses designed for groups of 15-25 people (both procurement and non-procurement personnel, usually from within a single public sector organization), which were originally developed and delivered in partnership with the Canadian Institute for Procurement and Materiel Management (CIPMM). 

The following four (4) Procurement Training courses are offered by RFPS to public sector organizations:


d18_contracting_1011. Contracting 101 - What Every Manager Needs to Know

Overview of the legal/policy/trade agreement compliance obligations and delegated authorities that apply within the public sector contracting process; Overview of available Contracting and solicitation mechanisms including mandatory and non-mandatory standing offers, supply arrangements, non-competitive contracts, RFPs and ACANs; and Overview the major life-cycle stages of the Contracting process from planning and requirements definition, through RFP development, bidding, evaluation, award and contract management.


d19_sow_training2. Statement of Work & RFP Development

Overview of how RFP/Contract requirements are planned and defined by a public sector organization, including the use of procurement planning templates and methodologies; Overview of how Statements-of-Work (SOW) are developed, including the use of RFPS's SOW Writing Guide; and Overview of how RFP evaluation criteria are developed, consistent with public sector-approved best practices and CITT precedents.


d20_eval_training3. RFP Bidding & Evaluation

Overview of the competitive bidding process including RFP posting/distribution, bidder Q&A, RFP amendments before closing, and cancelling an RFP; and Overview of the RFP bid evaluation process including the role and mandate of the technical evaluation committee, documenting the results of a bid evaluation, the role of the independent Fairness Monitor, bidder de-briefings, potential bid challenges and the general do’s and don’t’s of executing a compliant bid evaluation.


d21_contract_mgmt4. Contract Management

Overview of the post-RFP contract management process including contract award, contract dispute resolution, the roles of the Project Authority and the Contract Authority, deliverable acceptance, contract risk management, invoice receipt, approval and processing, contract amendments, and call-up allocation procedures on multi-vendor contract mechanisms such as standing offer agreements.


Each of the courses is delivered on-demand following a specific request received from an individual public sector organization that would bring 15-25 people (both procurement and non-procurement personnel) together for one or more in-house sessions.

Courses are available in both English and/or French; and although most of our training courses are designed for procurement / contracting on the Federal level, any and all of our courses can be readily modified to reflect Procurement policies and regulations at the Provincial and/or Municipal levels.

RFPS’s procurement training sessions and content are professional development courses provided to public sector officials for the purposes of enhancing overall knowledge and understanding, as well as practical and operational effectiveness. Our training is not recognized, nor certified, by any educational institutions, at this time.

Courses have been delivered previously to: Calgary Airport Authority; Canada Post CorporationCanada Revenue AgencyCanada Border Services Agency; the City of LondonCorrectional Service of Canada; Government of EthiopiaHealth CanadaIndigenous and Northern Affairs Canada; Canadian Heritage; Environment Canada; Canadian Institutes of Health Research; Foreign Affairs and International Trade; Library of Parliament; Municipal Finance Officers' AssociationRoyal Canadian Mounted Police; and others.

Participant course evaluation scores for previous sessions have been 4.5/5.0 or higher.

The courses are aimed at adult learners and therefore utilize adult learning methodologies and interactive participation elements including quizzes, Q& A sessions, role play scenarios, individual exercises and team-based exercises.

For Procurement Training deliveries from RFPSOLUTIONS: please send an email to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Procurement BOOT CAMPs

RFPS provides two orientation sessions aimed at helping public sector clients with: A) Bid Evaluation; and perform effective B) Contract Management; related to specific procurement requirements:

d14_be_boot_campA. Bid Evaluation BOOT CAMP

This deliverable consists of an intensive 1-day orientation session for up to 20 members of the Technical Bid Evaluation Committee, facilitated by two (2) of RFPS's Senior Advisors and customized to the specifics of the RFP. Bid Evaluation BOOT CAMP™ is designed to better prepare public sector officials to compliantly discharge their bid evaluation responsibilities and reduce contracting risks to their organization. It is especially helpful when the members of a Technical Bid Evaluation Committee do not feel that they have sufficient knowledge or experience with the RFP and bid evaluation process to carry out their responsibilities, and would therefore like additional guidance before proceeding.


d16_cm_boot_campB. Contract Management BOOT CAMP™

An intensive 1-day orientation session for up to 20 members of the Project Authority/Contract Authority’s organization, facilitated by two (2) of RFPS's Senior Advisors and customized to the specifics of the RFP and resulting contract mechanism. Contract Management BOOT CAMP™ is designed to better prepare public sector officials to compliantly discharge their contract management responsibilities and reduce contracting risks to their organization. Contract Management Boot Camp has proven to be especially helpful within organizations where the ongoing administration of a large/multi-year contract and/or standing offer is shared among multiple stakeholders and/or project managers, and where procedures need to be clearly understood and consistently applied by all.



webinar_training_Procurement Training Webinars

Each of RFPS's Procurement Training Offerings can also be made available as a Live Webinar.  We have previously delivered webinars on the topic of How to Write an Effective RFP for municipal finance sector members of the Municipal Finance Officers' Association (MFOA)

Click here to view the Webinar on YouTube!