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RFPSOLUTIONS Congratulates CIPMM on its 25th Year!
Big Thanks to You! 

At the recent annual CIPMM National Workshop, held on May 5th - 8th, 2014 at the Ottawa Convention Centre, we joined CIPMM in celebrating its 25th Anniversary.

The theme of the Workshop was "Reflections on the Past - Directions for the Future", and the CIPMM Organizing Committee delivered an exceptional event that presented thought-provoking procurement events and facts from the last 25 years.  The speakers and topics were inspiring and professionally enriching.

RFPS was set-up in the trade show area and we thoroughly enjoyed exchanging procurement stories, tools, and tips with the participants and inviting visitors to step right up and play The Big 25Heart and Stroke Foundation Donation (H&SF) game!

Check our Donation Meter which shows that we met our goal to raise a donation of $2-$5 for everyone at CIPMM.  Thanks to your help, we were able to donate our full goal of $400 on your behalf to support the important work done by the H&SF.

Thank you so much to those that stopped by our CIPMM booth and experienced what a difference 25 cents can make in the fight against Heart Disease and Stroke!

What We Learned
Each of the concurrent training sessions presented during the CIPMM conference was both interesting and professionally enriching. 

For those that didn't make it to all the sessions, here are some highlights from select sessions:

1 - Understanding CORCAN
Presented by: Lynn Garrow and Pierre Carmona, CORCAN
The presentation highlighted the benefits and ease of procurement through CORCAN, a Special Operating Agency (SOA) within CSC.

2 - What Trade Agreements Mean to You
Presented by: Kevin Thompson, Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development
This presentation covered: The conclusion and implementation of recent agreements; Alternatives to implementing international government procurement commitments; and
What these developments mean for procurement specialists. 

3 - The Impact of the First 25 Years of CEPA "Toxic Substances" on Procurement and Management.
Presented by: Jean Rhéaume, Justice Canada
Presents a list of key questions that people involved in the procurement and management of materiel should ask themselves when any toxic substance is present, showed in a practical way the scope and impact of CEPA, 1999 regulations. 

5 - Transforming the Way We Buy - PWGSC's Acquisitions Transformation Program
Presented by: Emilio Franco, Ken McMillan, Jessica Wright, PWGSC
The purpose of this session is to familiarize participants with the new Acquisitions Program Transformation (APT) approach and the supporting digital strategy. 
6 - Design your own Scenario for a Smart Procurement Strategy (PART 1)
Presented by: John Penhale, Francine Berry, Jacinth Morgan, Cheney Boutilier, PWGSC
In this session, participants focussed on defining the client's need and developing specific outcomes rather than specific procurement instruments and process. 
7 - Co-Creating Competencies for Tomorrow's Workforce
Presented by: Susan Bridges, Diane Daly, TBS
In this interactive workshop, participants will increase their awareness and understanding of the Federal Procurement and Materiel Management Competency Suite, learn how the competency suite can support the Procurement and Materiel Management Community.
12 - Recent Improvements for the Procurement of Professional Services and an Update on THS
Presented by: Rose Spirito, John Penhale, Réal Benoit, PWGSC
An overview of the new tools available for the procurement of Professional Services including major changes and improvements in our Centralized Professional Services ePortal (CPSS ePortal); recent improvements to TBIPS, TSPS, ProServices, and THS.
Tools, Tips & Info
2014 CIPMM National Workshop Presentations
To access other presentations from the various sessions at the Workshop, please visit the following CIPMM link:



contains news, insights, links to published articles and other helpful information aimed at keeping public sector managers well informed and up-to-date on the latest developments in the field of Canadian government procurement.

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