RFPSOLUTIONS INC. provides Canadian public sector organizations with trusted Request-for-Proposal (RFP) development services, expert systems, and procurement consulting and training. RFPSOLUTIONS has worked exclusively for public sector organizations for over 20 years, and is an employee-owned firm based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.


we_heart_procurement_imageWe love procurement … It’s all we do!

RFPSOLUTIONS enables public sector organizations to realize significant efficiencies and risk reduction in their procurement programs through innovative strategies and intellectual and technological assets.

Our team thrives on navigating the complex acquisition landscape and helping our clients achieve a successful outcome.

Yes, we love procurement…it’s all we do!

Founded by David Swift, and formerly known as the Cartier Consulting Group, RFPSOLUTIONS INC. has been in business since 1992. Canadian-owned and operated, incorporated under the laws of Ontario, and based in Ottawa, we are a dedicated team of RFP and public sector procurement specialists, with a proud record of working only for public sector clients.

Since our inception, we have supported over one-thousand (1000) procurement-related projects. We have planned, prepared, managed and evaluated hundreds of RFPs and conducted numerous procurement reviews with over one-hundred (100) federal, provincial, municipal and territorial public sector organizations. We complement this by offering our clients procurement related consulting services, such as policy development, the preparation of comprehensive procurement manuals and guides, and the development and presentation of both standard and custom training programs.

RFPSOLUTIONS' years of acquired experience in providing procurement related consulting and support services have enabled our personnel to develop significant knowledge with respect to contracting and procurement within the public sector legislative, regulatory and policy governance framework and Canadian jurisprudence. We work directly with our clients' program sectors and contracting personnel to reduce the risks, delays and complexity that is typically associated with the public procurement process.

In performing this critical function RFPSOLUTIONS (RFPS) provides the following services:

Procurement Planning and Strategy development, including detailed requirements definition, background research, market analysis, identification of industry standards and capacity as well as consideration of available contracting options and policy limitations to enable client Program areas to make sound and informed contracting decisions in the use of existing contract vehicles or the development of new Contracts, Standing Offers and Supply Arrangements;
d2a_rfps_image Request for Proposals (RFP) package development and support services including the development of project specific Statements of Work / / Terms of Reference, specifications / Statements of Requirement, Evaluation CriteriaBasis of Payment (BOP) and financial components of the RFP and supporting Terms, Conditions and Instructions to Bidders.  We also assist Program and Contracting groups in responding to questions posed by potential Bidders during the solicitation period;

Proposal evaluation support services including Bid Evaluation Training Services (BOOT CAMP), development of customized instructions to the evaluation committee, customized evaluation grids and matrices, advisory and recording services during the evaluation of proposals, and the development of a written Report of Outcomes to document the decisions made by the evaluation committee and the rationale for the scores received by Bidders.  When necessary RFPS provides Fairness Monitoring Services and assists committees in preparing for the debriefing of unsuccessful Bidders;


d4a_rfi_loi_acan_image Procurement Notice development, including Notices of Proposed Procurement, Advance Contract Award Notices (ACAN), Requests for Information (RFI) and Letter of Intent (LOI), Expression or Solicitation of Interest (EOI/SOI) development and support services including conducting research and drafting the documents, support in answering respondent questions and developing a final report summarizing the information learned through the RFI process or the results of the LOI/SOI.

Procurement Reviews and Studies, including (but not limited to) Procurement / Supply Chain Management Reviews and Audits (file specific and organizational); Procurement Project Management Services; Policy and organizational reviews and assessments; Development and/ updating of Policy Manuals and Delegation of Authorities Instruments; Related implementation support, training, and coaching for  procurement / contracting personnel.


RFPSOLUTIONS' RFPAdvisor ® RFP Procurement Consulting & Training Division also provides the following procurement-related services:

Procurement Consulting Servicesrfp_advisor_services_images

Fairness Monitoring Services;

Procurement Training Services;

Procurement Audits;

Project Management Services;

Translation Services; and

Bid Evaluation facilities.



We reduce the risks of cost over-runs, bid challenges and project failure through our expertise in defining precise and easily understood Statements of Work and Technical Specifications, in addition to Bid Evaluation Criteria that are objective, meaningful and easily measured.  We assist clients in the evaluation of proposals to ensure that all bids are evaluated equitably, and provide a written Report of Bid Evaluation Outcomes (or a “Fairness Monitor’s Report”) at the conclusion of the evaluation to show that the evaluation committee was transparent and fair in its assessment of proposals.

We speed-up the RFP process by quickly deploying specialists who work closely with the client’s internal contracting group to offset heavy workloads, meet tight deadlines, or to expedite urgent requirements.  We provide the knowledge and expertise needed to handle complex RFP requirements based on the extensive skills and experience of our team in the field of public sector contracting. RFPS' team consists of procurement specialists who can be quickly deployed to work in one (1) or more of the procurement related services provided by the firm, to fulfill clients’ procurement requirements in a timely and professional manner.  The strength and depth of our team enables us to take on complex RFP requirements across a broad spectrum of commodity areas, as well as respond quickly and professionally to urgent client requirements. 

RFPS is on the leading edge of public sector procurement and is able to draw on past and current experience taking into account a government-wide view of procurement.  We are able to share best practices used in federal, provincial, municipal, territorial and other public sector jurisdictions (within Canada and internationally) and draw on our broad knowledge of procurement to satisfy our client’s procurement and contracting related requirements in the most effective way.

RFPS' expertise in competitive procurement processes assists our public sector clients in soliciting responsive/compliant, realistic proposals and facilitates proposal evaluation, while guiding effective contractor performance under the resulting contract.  

RFPS and its resources have developed and delivered countless comprehensive training sessions for many Public Sector Organizations and professional development associations.  Our RFPAdvisor ® training programs are customized for our clients to build upon existing tools, templates and processes in place within the organization, while incorporating procurement issues-based exercises, specific policy questions and identifying opportunities to implement best practices.  In support of our training delivery, we have assisted our clients in developing writing guides, and developing and/or enhancing departmental contracting templates and tools for use in the procurement process.

As a result of having completed several hundred procurement projects for public sector clients, we have compiled an exhaustive reference library of procurement reference materials, departmental templates and tools utilized in the development and management of RFPs.  This wealth of experience and knowledge minimizes time spent on administrative technicalities and allows time and energy for RFPS to focus on understanding and accurately defining our clients’ requirements through the planning of the procurement process, interviews with key client stakeholders, and market research of the goods/services relevant to our clients’ requirement.  The end result is the identification of the most compliant and effective procurement mechanism specific to the individual requirements of our clients, and in accordance with our client’s procurement policy, processes and objectives.