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You can now Browse RFP Library through the hundreds of procurement solicitations and consulting projects we have completed. You name it, we've supported it.


RFPLibrary ® is a procurement reference tool that public sector employees with a procurement requirement will be able to search, and find out if we have developed RFPs for similar requirements in the past.

You can also view our RFP Dashboard for an overview of the procurement projects we have supported, broken down by dollar value, commodity, service type, and clients from across the nation.



We've Moved! On December 1st, 2015 we relocated to 301-1150 Morrison Drive, Ottawa ON K2H 8S9.

"New" Telephone: 613-728-1335.

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When a public sector organization uses an outside consultant to develop RFP Statements of Work (SOW) or supplier selection criteria, Canada’s Auditor General and Treasury Board have advised that a conflict of interest can occur unless the public sector organization first obtains appropriate written certifications from the consultant. Despite this, some consultants providing RFP development services to the public sector also advise RFP bidders on how to develop their proposals!

Since our inception, RFPSOLUTIONS INC. (RFPS) has worked exclusively for public sector organizations, and we always provide our public sector clients with signed certifications respecting conflict-of-interest, non-disclosure and non-participation in any and all ensuing RFP processes to which the firm and its personnel have contributed. We always have, and we always will.  All information provided to RFPS is maintained in strict accordance with our security obligations and undertakings to the public sector.

We work with the non-profit Canadian Institute for Procurement and Materiel Management (CIPMM) to deliver training sessions on procurement topics. Our courses have been completed by hundreds of public sector employees, and are recognized for professional accreditation by the Government of Canada.

We have an established Aboriginal Joint-Venture with our partner organization SETASIDE SOLUTIONS, that meets all of the requirements of the Procurement Strategy for Aboriginal Business (PSAB).  For two years the Joint-Venture provided RFP development and procurement-related support to over two hundred projects under a its own Standing Offer with Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC).

RFPS believes that to complete a relatively simple RFP, it shouldn’t always be necessary for a public sector manager to bring in an outside specialist. What many public sector managers often need is a timely and correct answer to their question, a user-friendly tool to complete a basic task, or some information to help point them in the right direction.

RFPS’ free SOWWriting Guide ® has been downloaded thousands of times, and is used by public sector organizations across Canada and around the world. The SOW Writing Guide is so widely used, it has been made a popular external link within the “Statement of Work” section on Wikipedia.

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RFPS will provide an external link on its website to your organization if your program, service or publication is relevant to the public sector procurement community and in compliance with professional standards. RFPS' website will not contain any third party advertising or endorsements.

RFPS is an employee-owned Canadian company, incorporated within the Province of Ontario. We are committed to maintaining a diverse workforce and equality of opportunity for all.

Almost all of RFPS’ Senior Advisors have served in executive-level procurement positions within the Canadian public sector, where they were responsible for the development and/or implementation of key public sector procurement policies.


The Canadian Institute for Procurement and Materiel Management (CIPMM), formerly the Materiel Management Institute (, is Canada’s national non-profit professional development organization for federal procurement and materiel management practitioners.

RFPS provides a range of bid evaluation support services, as well as specialized procurement consulting, advisory and audit services.

Since 1992, RFPS has developed hundreds of RFPs on behalf of over ninety (90) Canadian public sector organizations, worth a combined value in excess of $3B.

Of the hundreds of RFPs that RFPS has developed or supported over the years, not one has ever been successfully challenged at the Canadian International Trade Tribunal (CITT).

Over the years, RFPS' staff have contributed numerous procurement-related articles to the following publications:

Canadian Government
Executive magazine
The Financial Management
Institute (FMI) Journal
Summit magazine - Canada’s magazine on public sector procurement

The Government of Canada is a signatory to numerous Comprehensive Land Claims Agreements (CLCAs). Many of the CLCAs contain a number of unique and specific obligations that apply each time a Government of Canada department/agency intends to establish a contract that has a location of delivery within a CLCA.

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Within the field of Canadian public sector procurement, there are literally hundreds of unique and specific terms used to describe: methods of supply; policy obligations; contract conditions; contracting mechanisms; and more. For many public sector officials, the existence of so many terms (some of which have competing definitions) is a barrier to their utilization of the procurement process in support of program delivery.

By invitation, RFPS personnel have delivered the Statement of Work (SOW) Seminar ® to several different groups, including the Canadian Institute of Procurement and Materiel Management, the Government of Canada’s Small Agencies Administrative Network and numerous public sector organizations.

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RFPS is working with several Canadian public sector organizations to increase quality, compliance and throughput times for their procurement transactions. We are doing this through the introduction of our training, tools, standardized templates and expert systems, and by working with public sector organizations to establish measurable Procurement Service Level Agreements (SLAs).