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Please help yourself to our selection of free online tools and services.

To complete a relatively simple RFP, we don’t believe that a public sector manager should necessarily need to bring in an outside specialist. What many public sector managers often need is a timely and correct answer to their question, a user-friendly tool to complete a basic task, or some information to help point them in the right direction.

The following free tools and services are provided by RFPSOLUTIONS to help public sector managers successfully navigate the RFP and procurement process. We hope that you find them to be helpful!

In the Help Yourself section of our website, you can:

Download our free Statement of Work (SOW) Writing Guide ®
Ask one of our Experts a Question
Search our RFPLibrary ®
Organize a free 1-hour Statement of Work (SOW) Seminar ® for your group
Register for our free RFPUpdate ® e-newsletter
Find out more about the RFP process and developing RFP documents
Look up terms in our RFPDictionary ®
Find out more about public sector contracting within Canada’s Comprehensive Land Claim Agreements
Read our published Articles & White Papers

Within the RFPPortal ® website, you can:

Find out more about our RFPExpress ® Services aimed at helping you develop your next RFP
• And on the RFPAdvisor ® section of our website, you can learn more about our Classroom Training, Consulting and Bid Evaluation support services for public sector organizations.