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Developing a Statement-of-Work (SOW)

January 2010
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SOW Writing Guide now available in
and French!

To help public sector managers develop better SOW's, RFPSOLUTIONS developed the Statement of Work (SOW) Writing Guide. This free 30-page document identifies the essential messages to be conveyed within each section of a SOW, and is widely used by public sector organizations across Canada and around the world. Our SOW Writing Guide is so widely used, it is now the #1 external link on the "Statement of Work" section of Wikipedia.

Download your free copy (Eng or Fre) of the RFPSOLUTIONS' SOW Writing Guide.
Why are SOW's so difficult to develop?

A well-written SOW is the cornerstone of an effective RFP, but they are difficult documents to develop.

SOW's are always unique to a specific contract, and they can vary significantly depending upon the type of work required, the duration, the contract mechanism being established, and many other factors.

Unfortunately, there are few clear rules to define what a good SOW looks like and no real roadmap for managers to follow.

Jonathan Kealey, a manager at RFPSOLUTIONS, wrote an article on this topic in a recent issue of the Financial Management Institute (FMI) Journal.

Read Jonathan's article on the need for SOW standardization and tools.
Looking for SOW Training Courses?

1. The Canada School of Public Service (CSPS) offers a 3-day course on this subject.
To learn more, click here.

2. The Canadian Institute for Procurement and Materiel Management (CIPMM) (formerly the MMI) offers a 1-day course for groups of 20 or more from a single department/agency.
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3. One of RFPSOLUTIONS' Senior Advisors, will deliver a free 1-hour seminar on How to Develop a Better SOW for small or large groups within the National Capital Region. To find out more, contact RFPSOLUTIONS.
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