RFP Expert ®

RFPSOLUTIONS’ extensive experience in the area of public sector procurement has resulted in the development of comprehensive procurement requirement definition methodology and related tools, including RFPSOLUTIONS’ “RFPExpert® Requirement Definition Worksheet”.

The purpose of this document is to assist clients in gathering their thoughts, preferences and needs vis-à-vis their upcoming contract requirement, in advance of and/or during a scheduled Requirements Definition Workshop. RFPSOLUTIONS customizes the Worksheet for use within the Requirements Definition process (Worksheet, Workshop, etc.) with Client key stakeholders, which enables RFP Solutions to gather needed input from the Project Authority and his/her colleagues. This input is then used to achieve the following outcomes:

To present a factual summary and analysis of the defined contractual requirements, for review and validation by the Client Project Authority and the assigned Contracting Authority;

  • Based on the defined contractual requirement (as per above), to recommend a procurement strategy to the Project Authority and the Contract Authority aimed at ensuring compliance with all obligations and responsibilities, as prescribed within various public sector policies and applicable trade agreements;
  • Based on the required steps associated with the recommended procurement strategy (as per above), to establish a project plan, schedule and work breakdown structure identifying the steps associated with completing the upcoming procurement process exercise, the parties responsible for completing each step and the planned time line for completion; and
  • Based on all of the above, the development and finalization of the RFP Statement of Work, Evaluation Criteria and Basis of Payment for the upcoming RFx tender document.

For more information on the RFPExpert® Requirement Definition Worksheet please contact us at info@rfpsolutions.ca